Dental Customers

Dental CustomersWith the precious metal market consistently hitting all-time highs, now is a great time to sell your dental scrap. Star Refining has almost 30 years of experience and literally thousands of satisfied, loyal customers. Our clients sell their unwanted or broken crowns, bridges. PFMs, PFGs or other precious or semi-precious material to us every day.

Because we are the refiner, we offer the best prices for all of these materials, what's more we have a large team of representatives just waiting to come to your location and pay you cash on the spot for your material. If you prefer to use our mail in service we will be happy to value and pay for your material in 48 hours or offer you our full independent melt and assay service which takes up to 10 working days but guarantees you the very best value.

Our representatives use the latest iPhone and iPad technology when they visit you which links to our custom designed refining systems, this keeps them fully up to date on the latest prices and allows them to pay YOU the best possible price. Along with a full viewable breakdown of our calculations of each precious metal and price.

To arranage a representative to come and visit you Click Here