Materials We Refine

Jewellers - Materials We RefineWe buy and refine anything containing Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Our trained specialists can purchase jewellery pieces, as well as many other items that contain these precious metals.

NOTE: We will buy any broken, mismatched, single pieces or other unwanted items some examples include:

  • Rings & Chains
  • Necklaces, earring, charms & bracelets
  • Cufflinks, pins, brooches & watches
  • Coins & Collectibles
  • Silver Flatware, cups & Trophies
  • Gold dental crowns & bridgework
  • Lemel
  • Sweep
  • Carpets
  • Off cuts
  • Rolled/plated gold jewellery (Minimum weights apply)
  • EPNS and silver plated items (Minimum weights apply)
  • Button cell watch batteries (Not silver oxide)

Materials We Don't Refine

Not sure if it's a precious metal call us today on 0845 262 0069