• Gold£1,343.67
  • Silver£16.80
  • Platinum£702.94
  • Palladium£1,346.78

Star Refining is the premier precious metal refiner in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Canada.

At Star Refining we only deal with companies or sole traders in the precious metal trade, this allows Star and you the customer to deal with your materials in a fast, efficient and cost effective way ensuring the best possible prices. Use the categories below to go to your individual industry.


Your organisation is a smooth running machine. Your goal is to maximise profits and minimise waste. So don't waste time when it comes to cashing in on your scrap! We'll offer the highest prices paid, while reducing the time of the entire process. If that's not enough, we'll pick up the tab for shipping.


Your time is more precious than gold. Let Star Refining help you maximise profit while minimising time. We offer the highest prices paid for your precious metals because we are the refiner. Couple this with free shipping and advanced refining technologies, and you have a golden opportunity for big profits.