General Terms

General TermsAt Star Refining we deal with thousands of customers from different industries all over the world which is why our business terms vary depending on where you are and what material you wish to have processed.

Below is a basic guide to our general terms of business for the UK and Southern Ireland -

Individual metal terms

Prices based on percentage of LME fix at time of processing, terms for other territories available on request.

At Star we have 3 main services for you to choose from -

  1. Full Refine and Assay - Service takes up to 10 working days
  2. Instant postal valuation and payment - Service takes up to 48 hours
  3. On the spot valuation and payment from one of our trained Sales Representatives.

Processing / Refine and Assay charges -

  1. Refine and Assay charges
  2. Smelt/melt - £20 per individual part
    Each metal Assay - £12.50 each (all 4 metal assay = £50)

    Incineration/Sweep fee - £30 per individual part
    Each metal assay £15.00 each (all 4 metal assay = £60)

    Overall fee is the higher of the combined above or 1% of the total sales value (exc vat)

  3. Instant postal valuation charge is the higher of £30 or 1% of the total sales value (exc vat)

  4. There is no fee for on the spot valuation with a Sales representative as you agree how much payment is due with the Representative at the time

Payments made by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer, multiple currencies available.

For more information on terms or Star's European terms please contact the office on 0845 262 0069 and one of our customer service staff will be happy to help you.

*Minimum sales value of £500 applies for any Refine and assay indiviudal part or Instant postal valuation*
**for a free bank transfer sales value must exceed £1,000**

To give you an idea of what your scrap might be worth, we have provided the calculator below. Please remember that the value calculator is for reference only, it calculates the value of pure precious metals at full market value. Precious metal, dental and jewellery scrap is not pure precious metal and the value calculated here does not constitute an offer to purchase.


  • $ 1,666.15 £ 1,343.67 /oz.
    as of
  • oz. = $ 0.00£ 0.00


  • $ 20.83 £ 16.80 /oz.
    as of
  • oz. = $ 0.00£ 0.00


  • $ 871.64 £ 702.94 /oz.
    as of
  • oz. = $ 0.00£ 0.00


  • $ 1,670.01 £ 1,346.78 /oz.
    as of
  • oz. = $ 0.00£ 0.00

Total Value: $ 0.00£ 0.00